• Our 2016 Christmas Letter

    This year we are changing things up a bit. Instead of sending out postcards to everyone (which we have done for the past few years), we have decided to do an online Christmas letter to you all in which we can describe our year in much more detail, both with words and photographs. Enjoy! DEAR… [Continue Reading]

    Our 2016 Christmas Letter
  • A Thin Place

    Late last night, while snuggling close, basking under the soft glow of the Christmas tree, he and I were ever so graciously brought to a thin space together. There were tears on my part, of course, my heart buckling under the weight of such yearning and gratefulness. For those of you who are unfamiliar to… [Continue Reading]

    A Thin Place
  • Embracing Change

    Change is inevitable. It’s always just around the corner, and it will sneak upon you when you least expect it. And even if you do expect it, change will always brings along things unexpected. It’s easy to hunker down in the corner, shading ones eyes with the childish perception that if you can’t see the… [Continue Reading]

    Embracing Change
  • On Identity and Motherhood

    Motherhood: the most time-consuming, emotionally taxing, most delightful, rewarding job a woman can ever have. Once you step foot on the journey motherhood takes you on, there really is no turning back. No matter how hard, no matter how exhausting. And while that prospect is a more than a little bit scary, it’s also what… [Continue Reading]

    On Identity and Motherhood
  • Showing Up Empty Handed

    This fall Damien and I have been hosting a low key bible study on Galatians for the young adults in our church. It has been so good for my soul, to gather together with others and dig into the Word, hearing the different perspectives and revelations that God gives each one of us. And the… [Continue Reading]

    Showing Up Empty Handed